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Unfinished: An online zine with no expecations at all

Artist: Books On Tape
Album: Throw Down Your Laptops
Label: Deathbomb Arc Records
Release: 2002

Web: Official Website

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Todd Drootin is receiving a somewhat large buzz as of late in the indie-electronic scene, and it is with good reason. His full length debut, Throw Down Your Laptops, displays that Drootin is a very talented artist.

Drootin loves referring to his music as "Beat Punk." It's a clever term. Drootin has roots in punk rock and hip hop, two of his major influences. Todd played nearly everything on this 13 song record, but there are cameo appearances throughout courtesy of members from Bright Eyes & Slowcoach. The beats here are ridiculously catchy. Books On Tape definitely translates better in a club atmosphere, but this serves as great background music for home listening as well.

While there are tracks on here I can't get into, the majority of the album is pretty enjoyable. I can't tolerate the guest vocals on "Sporty But Sensible Car," and "The Contenders," but outstanding tracks like "Sad Song, Winter Version," and "Dance Of The Drum Cadets" make up for it. "Hey Typical," and the album's closer, "Replica, California," also stand out as great songs.

Todd Drootin is an artist to watch. His work is definitely worth checking out if you have any sort of liking for electronic music. Check out his next album, Books On Tape Sings The Blues, out September 23rd.

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