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Unfinished: An online zine with no expecations at all

Artist: Cursive / Eastern Youth
Album: Eight Teeth To Eat You
Label: Better Looking Records
Release: 2002

Web: Official Label Site

Cursive is a band that I enjoy greatly. On this split they have teamed up with Japanese punk favorites Eastern Youth. Each band contributes four songs each. All the Curisve songs are great, and this is probably their best release to date. The intensity of Tim Kasher's voice on "Excerpts From Various Notes..." will blow your mind.

Then we have Eastern Youth. I heard that these guys are very popular overseas, and with good reason too. Their vocals are very good, and I'm sure their lyrics are quite nice as well...but the problem is that it's all in Japanese, and with me being a clumsy American, I'm obviously going to have trouble understanding the songs. But, who cares. These guys rock too. This is a very intersting album that shows off two very good underground bands from two completely different atmospheres. Pick this one up.

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