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Artist: Lost In Translation
Album: Music From The Motion Picture
Label: Emperor Norton
Release: 2003

Web: Official Film Site

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*Matt and I enjoyed this album so much, that we both decided to review it.*

Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine is back after a hiatus that seemed like it would never end. Luckily, Shields has come out of hiding and has composed four songs (1 with vocals, 3 instrumentals) for the soundtrack to the new Sofia Coppola film, "Lost In Translation." All of Kevin's contributions to the album are wonderful, especially the haze of "City Girl," and the desolation of "Goodbye." Shields' new work is great as expected, but it definitely leaves the listener yearning for more. Hopefully he'll continue to put out new stuff.

Aside from Kevin's contributions to this soundtrack, the majority of the other songs are really solid as well, proving this to be one of the better soundtracks I've heard. It is a very cohesive album. I cannot wait to see the film. I think this music will fit in well. Coppola proves she has pretty good taste in music with these selections. Other highlights on the soundtrack include the My Bloody Valentine-esque stylings of "Girls," by Death In Vegas. It features some incredible female vocals. "Too Young" by Phoenix is a catchy synth pop number that is actually tolerable.

Air and Squarepusher provide some lovely numbers as well. I have never heard of Sebastien Tellier or Brian Reitzell/Roger J. Manning Jr, but the three tracks that those two artists present here are extremely lush and satisfying. It is always great to hear the My Bloody Valentine classic "Sometimes," which will prove to be one of the most beautiful songs your ears will ever be exposed to. The soundtrack ends with the classic "Just Like Honey," off of The Jesus & Mary Chain's groundbreaking album, Psychocandy.

There are some amazing songs on this album. It is a must own for those looking for a relaxing listen. There is only one track that I really couldn't get into, "Kaze Wo Atsumete" by the Japanese group Happy End. It was pretty catchy, but it goes on for a bit too long. I would probably enjoy it a lot more if I actually spoke the language, which I do not, unfortunately. Overall, this is a great soundtrack to a film that looks like it will be pretty superb as well. Buy this, and see the film.

A great album for rainy days. A great album. Period.

I'll start this review off by saying that I havent seen this movie. Im very psyched to see it because of the buzz I've heard, and because I heard that Kevin Shields was involved in the soundtrack. I naturally had high expectations for this album. Luckily, I wasn't let down. This is one of the BEST fucking soundtracks I've ever heard. It is even better than some of the regular albums I have.

The album starts off with a short, but tripped out intro with Japanese chattering and eerie backing music. Then we get treated to the delightful Kevin Shields composition "City Girl". I'm not familiar with who does track three, but it is definitely one of my favorites on the album with its lingering strings and creepy effects. Squarepusher has a short little contribution that is effective and ambient. Death In Vegas' song is hands down one of the best on here. They have a woman singing in this song that sounds like she fell out of heaven or something. They
layer her voice over this dreamy backing synth (luscious, I tell you).

My favorite Kevin Shields song is next. It's called "Goodbye". It's very dreamy and the shimmering keyboard almost drove me to tears of euphoria. This is followed up with a Devo-like song by a group called Phoenix that is pretty fun and enjoyable. Happy End, a Japanese band im assuming,
makes an unintentionally funny song to follow that up (it's still a pretty good song though, dont get me wrong). A short litle interlude follows this that gets its gloomy little job done. Kevin Shield's "Ikebana" is very oriental flavored and is very relaxed.

My Bloody Valentine's classic "Sometimes" comes after that, and I think Kevin remastered this or something because it sounds even better than before. Air pumps out a trippy little tune that fits the atmosphere after that. The coolest interlude here, in my opinion, follows the Air song and freaked the hell out of me. It starts out with looming strings and then fades into distorted Japanese banter with synth fading in and out of the background. "Are You Awake" by Kevin Shields is like an opium trip or something. It projects very colorful imagery.

The last track is by the Jesus and Mary Chain (i think this is remastered), and this song is pretty much perfect. It reminds me of Jawbreaker going shoegazer style. If you let the last track play for 11 minutes, you get to hear Bill Murray sing, which isnt too bad, but it's not really my cup of
tea. Nevertheless, this is a nearly flawless album. Buy it at any cost! (under 20 dollars that is)



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