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Unfinished: An online zine with no expecations at all

Artist: Minikon
Album: Minikon
Label: Kirakira Disc
Release: 2002

Web: Official Minikon

The best way to describe Minikon comes to us from the artist's label, Kirakira Disc, "A colorful blend of electro-pop, video game fun and experimental bliss, Minikon celebrates melody and happiness without apology." Minikon is the project of Florida musician Denty One. Just as the label's description noted it is very upbeat music. The album's ten tracks with such adorably amusing titles as "Happiiendo," and "Ouch," flow together perfectly. Yes, some of the music is downright zany, but there are some really lush transitions found within the songs, and some sections are quite dreamy. Minikon is quite diverse. The above mentioned trends of electro-pop, video game musings, and a lot of interesting experiments are present throughout the disc, and it serves as a listen like no other I've ever experienced.

I've heard a lot of electronic artists, but I've never heard anything quite like this before. Honestly, my music collection is full of very melancholy artists, and once in a while it is definitely nice to hear something a bit more upbeat. This is great background music, and while it is silly, there really is some unique talent found on this album. Denty One accomplishes the following quite nicely. He has provided us with an interesting listen filled with melody and ten songs that will have your head nodding like there is no tomorrow. It also helps that the artwork for the album is pretty damn cute.

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