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Artist: Primal Scream
Label: Astralwerks
Release: 2000

Web: Fansite

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I'm not sure if many people have heard of Primal Scream, but they are a very talented group of musicians. They've gone through many producers and many line-up changes over the years. This album is the best one I've heard by this group. The music has a very original feel to it, and a lot of the tracks are very diverse from one another. Of the styles on it, these were the ones that stood out to me the most: electronic, post punk, industrial, ambience, etc. With all of that hodgepodged together, you might get the idea that this would be a big mess of unpleasant noise. That is not the case at all!

Everything fits into place on this album for the most part. Standout songs like "Keep Your Dreams", "Swastika Eyes", and "MBV Arkestra" are examples of this. Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine produced and lent a lot of guitar work on this album and it definitely shows and benefits the record. "Accelerator" combines Shields' distorted guitar with an electronic post-punk like rythm and creates a catchy, sing-along song. The Chemical Brothers remix of "Swastika Eyes" almost outdoes the original with some crazy electro melodies and beats.

A song called "Pills" has Bobby Gillepsie (the lead singer) almost rapping an infectiously catchy refrain after what began as an ambient type track and at the end starts repeating "sick sick, fuck fuck". Everything on here is just done to near perfection. Its not all hardcore and its not all ambient. Its just the right mixture. I'd have to say this is in my top 20 albums of all time though, which is no easy list to get on.


~Matt (10/1/03)

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