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Artist: The Fire Theft
Album: Self Titled
Label: Rykodisc
Release: 2003

Web: Official Site

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Will the Jeremy Enigk who wrote the epic How It Feels To Be Something On please stand up?

3/4 of Sunny Day Real Estate are back in action...sort of. I was really hyped for this disc. My excitement was let down. I paid $18.00 for this. In return, I got an album that sounds extremely dated and unoriginal. If you have been reading stories about this band being reminiscent of bands like Rush, then I'm here to confirm that notion.

The album as a whole is really incoherent and goes back and forth between upbeat pop songs, dreamy instrumentals, and songs with guitar solos galore. The only thing about this disk that makes me glad is the fact that Jeremy actually sounds really happy on it. This fact reminds me of Billy Corgan's shortlived Zwan. Well, at least that album had a few good songs. Actually, "It's Over" is enjoyable.

I always considered Enigk to be an amazing lyricist. What happened?  The lyrics here are absolutely dreadful in comparison to his past writing, not to mention the fact that his vocals sound horribly forced throughout the record. I'm not sure what the guys were thinking with this one, but at least it seems they are making the music they want to make. I know that artists change throughout their career, and I can accept that...but this is just...bad music.

Some people will get into this, and some will not. It didn't click with me. The majority of the SDRE fanbase will be shocked, and I bet most will end up running far away from this one.

~Huey (9/20/03)

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