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Artist: Underworld
Album: Music From The Motion Picture
Label: Lakeshore
Release: 2003

Web: Official Film Site

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This soundtrack was supposed to be near flawless because of Maynard James Keenan's involvement. Sadly, it is far from being perfect. I think it is very mediocre truth be told. Dont get me wrong, there are some extremely good songs on here, but out of 19 tracks, only 6 are really notable as being very good.

The Damning Well (Richard Patrick, Wes Borland, and Danny Lohner) contributed a really cool song. Puscifer's (AKA Maynard) track was really catchy in a twisted way. Although I wish his vocal range was wider in this song. David Bowie's "Bring Me The Disco King" remix with Maynard and John Frusciante was very effective and depressing. I loved it after a couple listens, which was the case with most of the songs I like on this disc.

Skinny Puppy's track was fucking awesome. It is danceable industrial rock. They are truly masters of their genre. A relative unknown person named Johnette Napolitano made a chilling song called "Suicide Note" that projects very morbid imagery in my head (meaning it is superb). The remix of "Weak & Powerless" by A Perfect Circle is basically just a rocked out, distorted guitar version of the original that's featured on 13th Step. I absolutely love it though, also one of my favorites on here.

The Renholder (Danny Lohner) interludes, which are basically pieces of score from the movie, are all great and usually interesting (although, they are relatively short which sucks). The Trust Company song on here wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be, but it still isn't anything special. Anything I didnt mention was either forgettable or just trash. If the soundtrack's producers had taken off the shitty songs and just fleshed out Danny Lohner's Renholder interludes of score and made them full songs, this would've been a golden soundtrack. Unfortunately, we are left with this final product which is lacking. Download the songs I mentioned, but dont buy this unless you see it used for under 5 bucks.

Grade: C-


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