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Unfinished: An online zine with no expecations at all

Artist: Marathon
Album: Songs To Turn The Tide
Label: Self Released
Release: 2003

Web: Marathon Army

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Marathon is a somewhat politically charged punk band from New York. Their lead singer Aaron was the lead singer of another great New York band, De La Hoya. This three song EP basically continues where De La Hoya left off.

"Langston's Motto" kicks off the disc, and it is the fastest of the bunch. Aaron has such a great voice. A solid song, which leads into "Space Heater," the best of the three. It is an extremely emotional song, and it really states how much potential this band has. My favorite moment is where he screams, "There goes my chance. There goes my chance. There goes my best chance." It's pretty heavy.

The amusingly titled "Our Dictator Can Beat Up Your Dictator" finishes off the EP. It is a decent song, but isn't anything amazing. Marathon displays a good bit of talent on this album, and I think their future looks pretty bright. This group sounds extremely tight, and whoever signs them has a great band on their hands. Here's to hoping someone takes notice of them. All and all, a solid debut.

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