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Unfinished: An online zine with no expecations at all

Artist: Model Kit
Album: Sampler
Label: Self Released
Release: 2002

Web: Official Site

Model Kit is a small pop-punk band out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. I interviewed them a while back, and they were pretty cool. They were formerly known as The Carpet Patrol, but recently changed their name to Model Kit. Last year, they went into the studio to record their debut album, produced by Rory, of The Impossibles (RIP).

This is a review of their preview sampler, which is three tracks off the upcoming album, due out in late Spring. The sampler starts off with It's All My Fault, a nice little song, and probably the one I enjoyed the most off of the sampler. These songs follow the usual "I miss my girlfriend" formula, and fans of bands like The Ataris, New Found Glory, and Weezer will flock to this. The album then moves into #2, Today/Tomorrow, and exclaims, "Today, tomorrow. Do the world a favor, say you love your neighbor." Sorry guys, I hate my neighbors, and I'm pretty sure they hate me.

Although, I'm not really into pop-punk anymore, and these songs aren't extremely complicated or well written, it's simple and fun music. Hell, the instrumental work is actually pretty above average. The vocals are extremely polished, and I kind of miss the semi-raw sound that these guys used to have, but there is a ton of melody. The sampler ends with Moments of Being, and is another simple song. This isn't really my "cup of tea," and it's definitely not breaking new ground, but it's fun summer music. In short, it's music that is tolerable for a little while, but cannot be listened to for extended periods of time.

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