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Unfinished: An online zine with no expecations at all

Artist: Pretty Girls Make Graves
Album: Good Health
Label: Lookout!
Release: 2002

Web: Official Site

Berekely, California's independently owned Lookout! Records for years have been known for churning out great band after great band. From the likes of Operation Ivy to Crimpshrine, and even Fifteen and Green Day, they all came out of LookOut! Operation Ivy and Crimpshrine broke up a long ass time ago, Fifteen left the label after a few records, and broke up in 2000, and of course Green Day released two or three albums, and then of course went major and Dookie exploded.

Aside from those bands, the label has also worked with the likes of Screeching Weasel, and so many more talented artists. You've got to be wondering, "What has this label got up their sleeve next?" Well, Pretty Girls Make Graves is the answer, and Good Health is their debut full length.

I'm going to tell you plain and simple, this is one of the best "punk" records I've heard in a long time. LookOut! is even going as far to say "Pretty Girls Make Graves are the future of punk rock." Most of PMGM are former members of Murder City Devils, among a few other bands, and though I have yet to hear their former bands, I'm already interested in doing so.

This Seattle five piece has slowly been making a name for themselves in the underground scene. The album starts off with the catchy anthem Speakers Push The Air, and runs through it's nine song set leaving you wanting more. Lead singer Andrea Zollo's vocal work is incredible, and extremely emotional, oh, and not to mention the guitar work (Thelen & Clark) is amazing.

Now, before you take my advice and pick this record up, I advise you to download a few songs off of it first. You will either love this band, or you will write it off as girly and boring. Musically, this band is extremely tight, and they all blend together so well. Aside from the vocal and guitar work, the drum (Dewitt) and bass (Fudesco) work is also really good.

This band is like nothing I've heard before, and that's a good thing, because I like originality, and in an often redundant scene, this is something fresh. Lyrically wise, things are brilliant too. Like I said earlier, every track is great, even the brief Untitled instrumental. Favorite songs include The Getaway, More Sweet Soul, Speakers Push The Air, and basically the whole album in general. Bottom line, this is a great album, and presents a new and exciting direction for punk to go in. Some may not appreciate this, but it definitely deserves a chance. Give it a shot.

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