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Thorsten Link
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Thorsten Link was nice enough to sit down and discuss his band Dolorosa with us. Dolorosa is an underground group out of Germany who have independently released a three song demo. Hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more about them soon.

Huey: How long has the band been together?

My brother Holger, Chris and I started making music together in fall 2001. Ana and Mili joined us about a month ago.

H: What is the underground music scene like in Germany?

T: Today it is a pretty huge scene with lots of different bands from every part of the country. There are lots of shows and many great venues to play. Even in our hometown there is a bunch of good indie, alternative and hardcore bands. Overall I would say it is a really nice community with people being dedicated to the music and bands helping out each other.

H: If you had to name a few bands that have influenced Dolorosa most, who would they be?

T: Christie Front Drive, Mineral, The Appleseed Cast, Spandau Ballet, The Gloria Record and Ultravox.

H: You guys were a three piece, but you have recently added a violinist (Milli), and a keyboardist (Ana) to the band. How did this come about?

T: At some point we kind of felt a little limited in writing new songs as a three piece. So we began looking for an additional guitar player. After an achingly long time and a totally unsuccesful search I came up with the idea of asking Mili and Ana who have been friends of my girlfriend, if they wanted to come to one of our rehearsals. It worked out great from the very beginning and was a very exciting experience and sounded much more beautiful than I ever expected. Ana and Mili are really some very talented musicians.

H: Your first release, a three song demo, leans towards the sound of bands like Mineral and early Sunny Day Real Estate. With the addition of violin and keys, how are you planning to expand your sound?

T: Actually our goal is to make sincere, emotional and moving music. This can be as raw and energetic as early The Appleseed Cast stuff or more electronic-oriented and melancholic as some 80ies Ultravox songs. I think fans of "elisabeth" will also like our newer material. It is just that with the addition of Ana and Mili we have the possibility to express ourselves in a much wider dimension. Oh man, that sounded like I am a totally weird experimental nerd... To be honest, Dolorosa is just a small and still pretty unknown band with a bunch of songs but is exactly what I always wished to do.

H: Do you have any new songs or releases in the works?

T: Yes, we are currently working on a bunch of new songs which we will perform on the upcoming shows. Probably we are going to put one of those on our site soon. We would like to record a new demo sometime after the next shows and maybe start contacting some independent record labels then...

H: What have you been listening to lately?

T: Lately I have been listening to The Jealous Sound, If Winter Comes, Breather Resist, Megadeth, several japanese videogame soundtracks and some Matt Pond, PA - record my brother gave me.

H: What are your goals for Dolorosa in the future?

T: Continuing making music with my bandmates for the rest of my life, play as many shows as possible and put out a record sometime.

H: Anything else you would like to add?

T: Thank you so much for the interview and your interest in our music.

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